Formula Alpha - 2007 - McLenna MC22


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V1.2 (2021/04/11):
-Folder and kn5 names shortened to avoid shared memory issues.

V1.1 (2021/03/13):
-Car renamed using fantasy brands.
-New skins added.
-New tyres 3D model and textures.
-Shaking antenna effect added.
-CSP Extension files added: tyre textures change according to tyre compound changes ingame. (Please note
that the only tyre with a different texture is the SS compound).
-Improved LODs.
-Updated steering geometry.
-Tweaked tyres load sensitivities.

v1.0 (2018/02/14):
-Public release version.

v0.3 (2017/12/30):
-Improved and optimized model once again (Thank you Salamandersoldier!!!).
-Improved UV mapping making now possible to make custom skins.
-New skins (we will upload 8K version to RaceDepartment).
-Added damage model and textures.
-Added dirt/dust textures.
-Added blurred rims.
-New cockpit 3D details.
-New tyres 3D model and textures.
-New custom driver by jvinu2000.
-Updated physics to match latest AC build.
-Tweaked sounds and physics according to our supporters feedback.
-Added LODs.

v0.2 (2017/02/12):
-Improved and optimized model (Thank you Salamandersoldier!!!).
-Added suitbelts (CINTURE_ON).
-Added 2x3 led bars above the main bar.
-Added fins on the side of the airbox (Can be turned off in car setup).
-Added diferent front wings, and nose cones that can be changed in the car setup (As visual mods).
-Tweaked all shaders.
-Improved tyre textures and shaders.
-Tweaked F6 cameras position.
-Fixed "vodafone" logo floating above the body in front of the steering wheel.
-Improved mapping on many parts of the model.
-Added optional tyres textures.
-The car now produces more downforce, and the tyre grip at high loads has been reduced. This should "normally" make setups with insufficient downforce slower on inadequate tracks (to be confirmed).
-The car now is a bit nervous on braking, but it's not very noticeable.
-Engine braking setting added, lower values should help with braking performance with a bit longer braking distances.
-Steering geometry and steering ratio increased to 12 from 10 to work optimally with the new tyre physics.
-Softer suspension.

-Imported the model ingame, worked all shaders, reworked all textures.
-New custom driver (Thanks to Mak-Corp MMG2007 MOD for their permission to use the helmet).
-Scratch made new sounds.
-Scratch made new physics.