Formula Alpha - 2015 - Willians W37


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v1.2 (2017/03/21):
-First build under the VRC brand.
-Scratch made new physics for latest AC build standars.
-Scratch made suspension animations that will let you see setup changes represented visualy.
-Scratch made driver animations.
-Scratch made driver suits and gloves skins.
-Scratch made new sounds.
-Various shaders changes, tweakings and optimizations.
-New UI previews, logos, badges and power/torque curves.
-Fixed car position ingame and in showroom.
-Fixed car shadows.
-Fixed rims dissaperaing in LOD B.
-Fixed display not working in latest AC build.
-Added working rearlights.
-Added suitbelts to the car.
–Added “cristal” material to display.
-Added glowing discs.

– All new revised physics for 1.1 (Do not load old setups).
– New 3D collider for better collision physics.
– New shaders.
– New textures.

- Release version.
– The FW37 Content base chassis was created by F1SR Modding Group.
– All updates to the base chassis and model import ,
– Suspension , Interior , Wheels , Tires , Physics , Audio ,
– Textures , Helmets , Suits , Gloves , UI