Formula Alpha - 2005 - Rombo 25


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v1.1 (2020/01/23):
-Tweaked pit stop times.

v1.0 (2020/01/04):
-Small adjustment to the front suspension geometry.
-Reworked stiffness default values and general roll stiffness distribution.
-Reworked aeromap, aerobalance has been shifted more to the front for operational ride heights.
-Reworked gear ratios.

v0.4 (2019/12/24):
-Details added to the cockpit.
-Added LODs.
-Added wing animations.
-Added dirt and damage textures.
-Several physics tweaks.

v0.3 (2019/04/27):
-Changed UI “brand” to VRC.
-Fixed F6 cameras positions and clippings.
-Several UV, AO and textures improvements.
-Blurred rims added.

v0.2 (2018/08/13):
-Added remaining liveries.
-New UI previews generated with CM (CM preset included for you to generate your own previews if necessary)
-New 3D tyres and textures.
-Shaders and textures optimization.
-Major physics update and MP4-20 matching.
-Sound samples improvements.

v0.1 (2017/07/16):
-Imported the model ingame, worked all shaders, reworked textures.
-New custom driver.
-Scratch made new sounds.
-Scratch made new physics.