Formula Alpha - 1997 - Willians W19


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v1.0 (2019/6/2):
-Added LR_Cockpit to improve performance.
-New rear wing animations (low downforce rear wing visually represented).
-Improved suspension geometries.
-Various adjustments to tyres (grip, wear, heat model), tyres choice will be more important than in previous versions.
-Reworked arodynamics (the rear wing will switch to a low df variant at the 4th setting).
-Increased the steering ratio to 12 (higher than the real life car).
-Engine power curve updated.
-New setups are needed.

v0.4 (2019/04/20):
-UI brand name changed to "VRC".
-All LODs completed.
-Small camera tweaks.
-Optional wet tyres textures added.
-Minor tweaks to tyres.

v0.3 (2019/03/17):
-Improved tyres textures and Uvs.
-Remodelled rims.
-Added wing animations.
-Added seatbelts.
-Fixed nose tip UV problems.
-Fixed problem that would make tyres look smaller.
-Added a first basic LOD B.
-Several physics updates and improvements.
-General sound improvements and adjustments.
-Slight adjustments to external reverb.
-Tweaked internal power layer.
-Improved external downshifts.
-Tweaked floorboard sounds.
- Reworked tyres, suspension and aeromaps.
-Different lateral/longitudinal tyre grip distribution.
-Overall aerobalance moved towards the rear.
-Different supension stiffness balance.

v0.2 (2018/02/24):
-Improved AO.
-New custom driver and new helmet skins.
-Fixed driver position.
-Added T-Cam visual mod.
-Now using skins.ini (saving lot of hard drive space).
-Added “stars decal” in the cockpit.
-Fixed internal and external coasting volume.
-Reworked external power samples.
-Adjusted floorboard scratch volume.
-New wind effects when following another car.
-Tyres and suspension improvements.
-Adjusted collider placement.

v0.1 (2017/07/30):
-Imported the model ingame, worked all shaders, reworked textures.
-Made all season liveries.
-Scratch made new sounds.
-Scratch made new physics.