Formula NA - 2018


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V1.3 (2021/08/08):
-Updated tyres.
-Updated suspension.
-Tweaked engine torque.
-Carbody shape tweaks.
-New “step”: Short oval kit.
-Beamflap anims.

V1.2 (2020/08/02):
-Corrected weight and inertias.
-Updated suspension.
-Adjusted engine power.
-Minor tweaks to tyre grip.
-Carbody shape tweaks.
-All new LODs.
-LOD A improvements and optimization.
-Added optional AFP device.
-New UI VRC Logos.
-Sounds: Volume adjustments.
-Sounds: Re-Mixed Internal Samples.

v1.1 (2019/04/29):
-Changed UI “brand” to VRC.
-Fixed hole in the right sidepod.
-Fixed and improved UVs around cockpit area.
-New AO around cockpit area (old skins will need AO replacement).
-New 2D template with fixed AO

v1.0 (2018/09/09):
-Release version.