Formula Lithium - 2019


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Formula Lithium is a truly ambitious project VRC is proud to present to the community.

It was a major challenge to recreate a full electric racing car for Assetto Corsa since it does not support full electric drivertrains. However we made it work by cooperating with Ilja Jusupov, the creator of the AC "Shaders Patch". Therefore it is required to have the latest version of it installed to get the full Formula Lithium experience. (You can get it for free at

In the package is included the vehicle itself with full custom phyiscs and sounds as usual, aswell as the most detailed 2019 Formula Lithium 3D-Model you have ever seen. On top of that you will get a new specifically programmed app called "Battery Meter" to keep track of your battery charge and recooperate power during the race.
VRC Formula Lithium will is avaible as Premium content for 4.50 USD including the car and the app.

v1.1 (2019/04/12):
-Fixed skin “Auti_Formula_Lithium_Racing_66” alpha channel.
-Reduced downforce by 42% (thanks garyjpaterson).
-Fixed: wings AOA could be changed.
-More battery management will be required, AI will still use the default 50% recovery, so choose adequate race distances when racing against it.
-Reduced the amount of boost offered by p2p.
-Increased p2p duration to 200secs from 30 secs.
-Code optimization
-Improved CM settings implementation
-Added Spectating layout in all the sessions and Replay
-Implemented car-specific file to understand the kind of engine
-New layout for other race modes (Hotlap, Time Attack, Drift, Drag)
-Added auto MPH support according to this list: Wikipedia - Miles per hour
-Changed shortened descriptions to full names descriptions in the Settings App
-Fixed debug options not being available when turning on "Activate Debug" in CM settings

v1.0 (2019/04/06):
-Release version.