Prototype - Bradley Project 8


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VRC - Prototype Series - Bradley Project 8.

The "Bradley Project 8" (developed from the "Bradley EXP Project 8") was an Autosport Award Winning 24 Heures Race Prototype race car. The EXP Project 8 debuted in the 24 Heures race in 2001 and won the race in 2003. The EXP Project 8 marked Bradley's return to racing after a 73-year absence.

V1.4 (2021/04/11):
-Reworked tyre model: increased tyre grip at low speeds with a minor decrease at high speeds.
-Updated aeromaps: slight increase of the downforce and a different aerobalance.
-Various changes: CG heights, sprung/unprung masses distributions, inertias etc.
-Fixed LOD D tyres rigging.

V1.3 (2019/11/01):
-Reorder glass render priorities.
-Dynamic balance between VRC Prototypes.
-Fixed automatic gearbox.

V1.2 (2019/07/05):
-Tweaked front.
-Improved locks.
-Added new Next Level Racing liveries and driver texture files.
-Stiffened front ARB.
-Tweaked tyres.

v1.1 (2019/05/16):
-Fixed: mirrors not working.
-Fixed: AI misplaced rear wing endplates.
-Smoothed steering wheel corners.
- Added Third spring damper settings (previous setting 6-6).
- Slight change to performance curve of the brakes.
- Minor adjustment to the tyre heat model.
- Minor adjustment of the throttle curve.

v1.0 (2019/05/10):
-Release version.