ARC - Chevrette 28GTO


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American Racing Championship - Chevrette 28

The American Racing Championship series was founded in 1969. Racing began in 1971, and was originally aimed at two stock car categories, running two classes each; the GT (Groups 3 and 4) and touring (Group 1 and 2) classes. The first race was held at Virginia Raceway; it was an unexpected success, with both the drivers and the handful of spectators who attended.

V1.6 (2021/07/14):
-Changed front lights glass UVs.
-Included new glass.psd template.

V1.5 (2021/07/10):
-Fixed the handbrake.
-Added wiper and wiper animations.
-Fixed chassis AO.

V1.4 (2021/06/12):
-Newly modelled rear suspension.
-LOD B and C tweaks and improvements.
- Tweaked tyre grip and combined slip.
- Added an Endurance compound.
- Reworked suspensions and steering geometry.
- Adjusted aerodynamics.
- Added a handbrake.

V1.3 (2020/05/18):
-Improved rear lights textures.
-Reworked aeromap.
-Adjusted tyre grip and thermal model, increased longevity.
-Improved brakes.
- Adjusted engine damage threshold.

V1.2 (2019/09/20):
-Further improvements to LOD B and C.
-Added option in setup to hide light covers.
-Changed glasses render priority.
-Changed rear wing render priority.
-Fixed an issue with aero beyond the aeromap's opertaional ride heights.

V1.1 (2019/09/07):
-Fixed problem with damaged glass transparency which caused cockpit not to be visible from outside without shaders patch.
-Fixed showroom cockpit view.
-Improved LODs (thank you Lilski for your feedback) reducing LOD B, C and D objects quantity and at the same time improving its UVs and triangle/polycount.
-Reduced gauges AO opacity.
-Tweaked ao maps based on new LODs Uvs.
-Tweaked center mirror image position.
- Fixed an issue where the car (especially AI) flipped over after riding a kerb (Thanks mclarenF1pappa for the tip).
- The car now features a live axle at the rear.
- Reworked the front suspension geometry (higher roll center).
- Readjusted springs/ARBs rates values.
- Dampers are not supposed to be adjustbale but it's enabled in the setup to help with any issues that could occur with the change in
stiffness, especially at the rear (AC limitation).
- Slight changes to the tyres load sensitivity/slip curves/flex and thermal model.
- Slight change to the aero (+2% front aero balance on average).

V1.0 (2019/08/31):
-Release version.