Prototype - Tagomi TS50


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The Tagomi T50 Hybrid is a sports prototype racing car developed for the 2016 Endurance Prototype rules in the Endurance Championship. The car is the direct successor of the Tagomi T40 Hybrid, which competed in both the 2014 and 2015 seasons. The T50 was revealed in France on 24 March 2016 due to Tagomi's 2-year cycle policy. The engine is a 2.4L twin-turbocharged petrol V6, while the two previous cars used a naturally aspirated petrol V8. It features an 8-megajoule hybrid system, which uses lithium-ion batteries.

About the Hybrid System:

When it comes to driving, this car is a bit different to the non-hybrid LMP cars, it requires a basic understanding of the way
the hybrid system works:
- The car has two electrical motors, one on each axle.
- The front motor produces more power than the one on the rear axle (distr. 60%-40%).
- The motors will work together to ensure an optimal acceleration and balanced behaviour out of corners but it requires some different
throttle control than on non-hybrid LMP cars.
- Due to some game-engine limitations, the deployment on the front axle won't be accessible to any app but the battery depletion will still
be visible.
- It is recommended to short shift around 7300 rpm, optimal ICE shifting point being 7500 rpm, up until 5th gear to maximise
performance and fuel consumption. Past 7300 rpm, no electric energy is deployed.
- The maximal deployed energy per lap allowed at Lemans is 8MJ, and this serves as a reference for other circuits (proportional to
distance then multiplied by 1.55). For this reason, manual deployment is not available and the profiles provided are made according to
some specific conditions, since, due to the game-engine limitations, these deployment limits can't be set for each profile and the
deployment can't be map-based.
- The profiles provided with the car are the following (except for the LeMans profile, the lower the setting is, the less brutal is the
acceleration and the higher is top speed):
*LeMans: this is a profile made to work with the lowest aero settings (0-0); with appropriate driving, it should be able to have deployed
7.99MJ at the Circuit of La Sarthe by the time you reach the finish line. The electric energy deployment cuts around 290kph.
*HIGH: This profile is based on Silverstone qualification lap (with a 54kg ballast), it deploys around 5.36MJ at Silverstone and is set to be
used with (5-5 or 4-4) aero settings. The cut speed is 250kph.
*MEDIUM: This profile is based on Spa qualification lap (with a 54kg ballast), it deploys around 6.35MJ at Spa and is set to be used with
(1-1 or 2-2) aero settings. The cut speed is 290kph.
*Low: This profile is based on Lemans lap (with a 10kg ballast), it deploys around 8MJ at Lemans and is set to be used with default aero
settings. The cut speed is 290kph for the front motor and 325kph for the rear motor.
*Charging: This profile is for out-laps and charging the battery.
- All profiles allow a 0-100kph of around 1.7s.
- Since the electric motor is all the time linked to the ICE (another game-engine limitation), it is recommended to feather the throttle on
starts to reproduce the electric engine start effect.

About the sounds:

Besides the unique tone and behaviour of the engine and electrical components, this car presented a further special
challenge in which it uses the electric motor to pull away and then fire up the ICE. FMOD is very powerful, and the public sdk
available to us modders still holds up to most requirements a car can have, and it would´ve been easy to just mute the
engine sound under a given rpm and call it a day. But, if you think about it, driving slowly through a hairpin or chicane for
example might trigger this unintentionally, as the rev´s drop under the rpm threshold of the engine cut. So, this project
deserved much better. I can´t possibly explain all the technical details here, but in short: It´s much too complicated of a
workaround for the rather simplistic sdk and stretching AC´s absolute boundaries (once more?). It works 100% as intended,
under the right circumstances. Please keep in mind that the replay function doesn´t play all the sounds you hear live, for
example (you´ll notice that on the regen-whine sounds). This could be the case in your replays as well, so depending on the
timings and triggers the replay has received, it might not sound entirely right as it would live. There´s no perfect sound
solution for this car and it´s launch within AC, but I feel like the way we implemented it works best. -Mike

V1.1 (2021/11/28):
- Adjusted aeromaps.
- Adjusted ERS profiles.
- Fixed upper row of lights on LD kit.
- New lights and CSP lights settings.
- New optional physics (rebalanced/fixes).

V1.0 (2021/11/21):
- Release version.