Formula Alpha - 2009 - Willians W31


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v1.4 (2017/02/05):
-First build under the VRC brand.
-Added “real” leds to steering wheel.
–Added “cristal” material to displays
-Fixed tyres mapping (unaligment)
-Replaced main Williams livery for the late season one (Darker blue)
-Now early season livery can be found in the “Optional Liveries” folder.
-Fixed Mclaren's livery and added reflections.
-Fixed soft tyres green stripe width and position.
-Soft tyres textures are available in some car liveries. You can also find them in the “Optional Tyres” folder.
-Added optional liveries again (The early season and winter tests ones).
-Sounds made almost from scratch.
-Various shaders changes.
-Physics tweaking.
-New UI previews, logos and badges.
-Fixed rims AO maps and blur rims transparency.
-Fixed shadow casting over car's body.
-New balance between aero and mechanical grip.
-Softer suspension.