Formula NA Package


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What is included in the package?

This Formula NA PAckage includes:

Formula NA 1999 (Road and Oval versions)
Formula NA 2012 (Road and Oval versions)
Formula NA 2018 (Road and Oval versions)
VRC SouthStar Motorspeedway Track
VRC Alabama Racing Course Track

How much does it cost?

Formula NA 1999 (Road and Oval versions): 4.5U$D
Formula NA 2012 (Road and Oval versions): 4.5U$D
Formula NA 2018 (Road and Oval versions): 4.5U$D
VRC SouthStar Motorspeedway Track: 4.5U$D
VRC Alabama Racing Course Track: 4.5U$D

Full package 16U$D.

V1.7 (2021/08/08):
-ALL CARS: Updated tyres.
-ALL CARS: Updated suspension.
-ALL CARS: Tweaked engine torque.
-FNA1999: New front and rear wing anims.
-FNA1999: Fixed issue where driver with no skins would miss textures.
-FNA2018: Carbody shape tweaks.
-FNA2018: New “step”: Short oval kit.
-FNA2018: Beamflap anims.
-Alabama Racing Course: AI tweaks and improvements.
-ALL TRACKS: new CSP configs.

V1.6 (2020/08/02):
-ALL CARS: Corrected weight and inertias.
-ALL CARS: Updated suspension.
-ALL CARS: Minor tweaks to tyre grip.
-ALL CARS: New UI VRC Logos.
-FNA2018 & FNA2012: Adjusted engine power.
-FNA2018 & FNA2012: All new LODs.
-FNA2018 & FNA2012: LOD A improvements and optimization.
-FNA2018: Added optional AFP device.
-FNA2018: Carbody shape tweaks.
-FNA2018: Sounds: Volume adjustments.
-FNA2018: Sounds: Re-Mixed Internal Samples.
-FNA2012: New skins.
-FNA2012: New CSP skins configurations.

v1.5 (2019/04/29):
-Changed UI “brand” to VRC for all cars.
-FNA2018: Fixed hole in the right sidepod.
-FNA2018: Fixed and improved UVs around cockpit area.
-FNA2018: New AO around cockpit area (old skins will need AO replacement).
-FNA2018: New 2D template with fixed AO.

v1.4 (2018/12/17):
VRC Alabama Racing Course:
-Fixed AI bug where cars won't leave pit.
-Fixed “hole in the gound” between the pitlane and the paddock at pit exit.
-General track models optimization.
-Setting world detail to "low" now makes spectators and bushes disappear, while "very low" hides also the cars and trucks in the paddock.
-Added DRS zones.

v1.3 (2018/12/09):
-VRC Alabama Racing Course included.
-Added (shaders patch) extension files for South Star Motorspeedway.

v1.2 (2018/09/09):
-Formula NA 2018 car released.
-Added shader patch feature to let you see tyre textures match the selected tyre compound.
-Now all skins come in its proper folders, avoiding any issue where users forgot to install them manually.
-Formula NA2012 & 1999 tyres update : wider slip angles for the oval tyres, and improved heat dispersion.
- Formula NA2012: Reworked default suspension setup.
- Formula NA1999: Lowered downforce on the oval kit (-15%)
- Formula NA1999: General engine, suspension tweaks.

v1.1 (2018/06/24):
- Slight changes to the front suspension of the Formula NA 1999.
- Fixed Formula NA 2012 tyres getting smaller when using align to data in CM.
- Fixed: suspension arms on the Formula NA 2012 were not attached to the chassis.
- Fixed setup descriptions.
- Small audio tweaks.
- Correct GUIDs to sfx folders.
- Small AO improvements.

v1.0 (2018/06/22):
-Release version.