Prototype Series Package


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What is included in the package?

This Prototypes Package includes:

Bradley Project 8.
Auriel 8.
Pavey Longhood S.
And one more, yet to be announced, surprise car.

How much does it cost?

Bradley Project 8: 4,5 U$D
Auriel 8: 4,5 U$D
Pavey Longhood S: 4,5 U$D.
And one more, yet to be announced, surprise car: 4,5 U$D

Full package 12U$D

How to download the mod:
As soon as you buy the Prototype Series Package, you get access to all cars included in it. That meaning, you have
to download each car individually.
Why did we went for this method:
It has prooved to be easier for users to download just the component of the package necessary in case of an
update instead of having to download one big file with a lot of content that hasn't been updated.
As usual, don't hesitate to contact us in case you need assistance.

v1.0 (2019/11/01):
-Release version.